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When you are the last person leaving

  • Turn off the lights.
  • Turn off electric devices, except for paper printer, network stuff, fridge.
  • Be extra careful to turn off all heat generating equipment, such as 3D printers, kitchen appliances, soldering irons, hot air guns, welding room equipment.
  • If you have made things in welding room, do not leave immediately after finishing, but stay at least for 30 minutes in guard and clean up.
  • Electronics room work benches are turned off from individual main switches.

When you let people in

  • Everyone you let in from the door is on your responsibility and they must leave at the latest at when you are leaving.
  • The equipment are for members only. It’s completely OK to ask people who you don’t know, if they’re members or not.
  • When you leave, make sure that the workspaces is left with only key members. Ask people you don’t know, if they’re key members or that if another key member recognized they are accompanied by them.
  • Ask others than key members to leave with you, if you are the last leaving. If the regular membvers are doing welding, inform them at least30 mins beforehand so that they can stay in guard.
  • You can transfer hosting of a visitor or regular member to another key member if they are willing to host them.
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  • You have possibility to have SmartStore15 boxes for your own use, max. 4 boxes. Take a new box only when the previous one is full. Have your contact details written on the box.
  • Projects that do not fit inside a SmartStore15 box must have owner details and be stored with a special permission by the board or person in charge of the storage. Unmarked or long untouched items may end up in the trash or in shared use.

Fire safety

  • Besides the valid fire extinguishers, there are non-stamped old fire extinguishers here and there.
  • Laser cutters requires the use of CO2 extinguisher. Be always prepared to use it and have it next to you, the workpieces catch fire frequently!
  • Every key member must know the emergency exit in the back of the workspace.

Other safety issues

  • You have no obligation to let people in, if you do not want to.
  • The workspace is alcohol and drug free at all times, e-cigarettes are not also allowed.
  • Make sure that any work that creates irritant or strong etc. fumes are done properly, possibly in chemistry room or outside.
  • It’s advisable to answer the phone, but you don’t have to answer any questions or promise to let people in. You can always ask the person calling to be in contact in board members if you feel like it.
  • Any disturbing behaviour, hazards, threatening or suspicious happenings and such are good to inform to board members, possibly the police if needed.

Changes in key membership (TBD)

  • Ilmoita hallitukselle sähköpostilla, mikäli haluat nostaa tai laskea maksamasi avainmaksun summaa. Ilmoita myös, mistä ajankohdasta lähtien haluat muutoksen astuvan voimaan.
  • Älä mielellään pyydä väliaikaisia muutoksia avainmaksuihisi, vaan ehdota summaa, jota voit maksaa toistuvasti pidemmällä aikavälillä. Tämä vähentää virheiden määrää ja kaikki muutokset joudutaan toteuttamaan manuaalisesti.
  • Jos luovut avaimestasi, älä yritä palauttaa avaintasi meille, sillä emme ota sitä vastaan, vaan pidä se itselläsi. Sähköinen avain muutetaan inaktiiviseksi, emmekä kierrätä aiemmin käytettyjä avaimia. Jos haluat palauttaa avaimen takaisin käyttöön, ilmoita asiasta hallitukselle sähköpostitse, niin saamme avaimesi nopeasti takaisin voimaan.
  • Jos avainmaksuja jää maksamatta, saat näistä maksuista muistutuksia. Liian monen muistutuksen jälkeen avain saatetaan inaktivoida. Automaatti lähettää muistutuksia itsestään, joten jättämällä maksamatta et pääse muistutuksista eroon. Ilmoita siis meille erikseen, jos haluat luopua avaimesta. Luopumisilmoituksen voi tehdä myös etukäteen ilmoittamastasi päivästä alkaen

As soon as you get your new key

  • Your new key works about 45 mins after activating it.
  • Go try out your new key before you leave with it. If it does not work, ask the secretary for instructions
  • Hold the key close to the plastic box with a sticker on it, wait for a clicking sound and turn the door handle.
  • Make sure you know the emergency exit route in the woodworking room. Climb the stairs up and down to know where it leads to.