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Ultrasonic cleaner

Using the ultrasonic cleaner:

  1. Fill the vessel with liquid, tap water is generally good enough
  2. Optionally add a small amount of dish washing liquid to the water
  3. Turn the power switch on at the rear of the unit
  4. Optionally turn on the heater of the unit, left side of the control panel
  5. Place parts to be cleaned on the metal basket and lower into the liquid, if needed, put small rubber-parts between basket and vessel to avoid noise.
  6. Turn on the ultrasonic emitter, right side of the control panel
    • Maximum continuous cleaning time 15 minutes, then 3 minutes break
  7. Wait
    • For best results it is advisable to turn over the parts in the basket at fiveish minute intervals.
  8. Remove parts
  9. Turn off the unit
  10. Remove the liquid
  11. Clean the cleaner

For cleaning smaller parts you can place them in a small plastic container with thin walls, like a disposable plastic mug. Then fill the cleaner with water and the mug with whatever cleaning liquid you need and place in the water. This way you don't soil the cleaner.

Small object in plastic container