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Wood CNC

  • Plan is to make a CNC-controlled wood milling machine with an approximately 1 m × 1 m work area
  • Depili has made an initial mockup model

First meeting to discuss the project 2018-06-27

  • The rails and runners (Star 1622-894-11: slimline steel runner block 1622 accuracy class N with low friction seals, size 20 rail) we have can be found in the Star Rexroth catalogue (pp. 34, 56)
  • This catalogue also includes ready-made bellows for this rail system
  • Kremmen suggested this 2.2 kW water-cooled spindle package
  • We have three CAN-controlled motor controllers of the same type and one separate of a different type (manufacturer, type, version?)
  • Also have from another CNC project a box with a parallel port interface to motors