Helsinki Hacklabin wiki
Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun

The lecture room / lounge has at least the following equipment:

  • TV with Chromecast on left wall
  • 3 50 inch plasma screens as 3x1 matrix on back wall. HDMI input, white cable on the wall. 1080p60, picture is upside down, turn it on laptop
* MAC: Display settings - rotate: 180
* Windows: CTRL + ALT + arrow down (need to check this)
  • Genelec speakers on the wall, small mixer under displays. 3.5mm audio input and one wireless mic (have to check if there is audio output on displays, so hdmi-audio might work also --Sytem (keskustelu) 13. marraskuuta 2018 kello 21.22 (EET) )
  • Foldable tables
    • top: 140 x 80 cm, height 73 cm
  • Chairs
  • two sofas
  • whiteboard


Lab mixer.jpg