Detailed laser cutter instructions

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Start of operation checklist

  • Open the log form, fill in your name and the current time.
    • There is also link on the desktop of the computer.
  • Get keys from their defined storage location.
  • Check log entries for when the water level was last checked, if it was not already done today, check level and add water if needed. Take care not to let any contaminants in when checking or adding. If water can be seen, it's ok. Mark in log accordingly.
  • Make sure the bed is empty and the honeycomb is not installed (when the machine resets it will raise the bed, if the honeycomb is on this will lead it to crash into the cutting-head).
  • Use keys to turn on power
  • Turn on blower (switch)
  • Adjust bed for correct focus distance for your material

Adjusting the bed

  • Never set the measuring piece between the cutting-head and the bed while rising the bed.
  • Once you have added your material on the bed, raise the bed so, that it is a bit too close to the cutting-head.
  • Place the measuring piece on the material next to the cutting-head and lean it carefully against the cutting-head
  • Lower the bed slowly until the measuring piece slides under the cutting-head.

Cutting checklist

  • Did you change material? If yes, re-check focus distance
  • Adjust head position, set origin (NOTE: the red helper dot might not be pointing exactly to the cutting point, use "pulse" to verify)
    • Make sure you know which point of your cutting job you should set as origin in the machine.
  • Use "border view" (sw) or "range" (panel) to verify bounding-box of cut.
    • DON'T enable "idemitsu" flag. This will turn on the cutting laser during the border view, even if the lid is open
  • Make sure blower is on (switch)
  • Make sure lid is closed
  • Start cutting, keep close watch on what is happening.
    • Risk of fire
    • Settings may need tuning
  • When done cutting wait 30-60 seconds for fume extraction before opening lid.

End of operation checklist

  • Remove honeycomb if installed
  • Raise bed to top
  • Turn off blower (switch)
  • Fill uptime, laser on time & work time to log
  • Turn off machine (keys)
  • Clean up the bottom "drop area" in case you dropped something.
  • Finish filling up the log form (notes, end time) and submit.
    • Failure to submit logbook will result in suspension of "qualified operator" -status.
  • Put the computer to sleep or just leave it to go to sleep by itself, do not shutdown it completely.
  • Return keys to their defined storage location.