Helsinki Hacklabin wiki
Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun

This page contains basic information about maintaining the space.



Our trashbin is this one. Sekajäte means mixed waste.

We have 4 waste bins inside the space:

* sekajäte / mixed waste
* pahvi / cardboard
* SER / metal and electric waste
* pantilliset pullot ja tölkit / bottles and cans with deposit recycle mark

There is also mixed waste bin in the kitchen and smaller ones elsewhere in the space.

Wood working room has its own waste bin.

When the large mixed waste bins get too full, please go empty them to the outside trasbin. See picture for reference.


Biowaste bin looks like this

Our biowaste bin is a washable old kettle. Please use it for:

* used coffee filters
* fruit peels
* etc.

Do not put meat products in the bin. It may draw attention from rats.

The bin should be regularly emptied in the compost outside the building. The compost is near the entrance door. Please add some dry litter in the compost after emptying the biowaste bin inside the container. Dry litter bucket should be next to the compost.

Deposit return bottles

Most cans in Hacklab have the deposit return mark. It looks like this:

Palpa pantti.jpg

Deposit cans and bottles must not be crushed or dented.

Place all deposit cans in "pantilliset" bin. Non-deposit cans should be crushed first and then placed in SER + metal bin. As for 2017, expect all cans to have the deposit return mark (check before crushing anything!).

Cardboard waste

We recycle cardboard, and emptying our bin is up to any volunteering member, who has a car. If you can, please take some of the cardboard now and then, and take them to any nearby or local recycling point. Our closest one is next to Pajamäki grocery store.

Cleaning and washing

You will find most cleaning equipment in the toilet room, in a tall white cabinet.

Place used towels in dirty laundry basket on top of the white cabinet. The washing machine is especially there for the towels, and they can be dried afterwards using the heated towel rail.

Washing of painting equipment should be done on woodworking room, not in toilet room.