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The Mendel 90 is the pink printer which is for printing ABS plastic.


Printer can be found at http://mendel90.local Login / Password is mendel90 / hacklab. Click "Connect" once logged in.

Printing instructions:

  • Generated G-Code with a slicer software (for example Slic3r or Cura, instructions below)
  • Log in
  • Click Upload-button to push your G-Code to Octoprint
  • Click load (open file button) in the file list
  • Check your G-Code in GCode viewer (use bar on right to see different layers)
  • Hit Print-button

The Marlin Firmware can be found on my (TechnomadicJim) github:

Printing with Slic3r

You can find Slic3r settings that have produced decent print results here. You might want to check out "Infill", "Skirt and Brim" and "Support Material" settings under "Print Settings". These might not be available until you enable Advanced mode from Slic3r main Preferences (Slic3r -> Preferences in Os X).

  • Provided settings have 40% infill and honeycomb pattern. This can be changed from "Print Settings" -> "Infill"
  • Provided settings have only 5mm brimm. This can be changed from "Print Settings" -> "Skirt and Brimm"
  • By default Slic3r doesn't create support material bridges, this can be enabled by unchecking "Don't support bridges" under "Print Settings" -> "Support Material". It is recommended to check the resulting g-code from "Plater" -> "Layers", Slic3r may produce support structures that are difficult to remove.
  • Slic3r UI settings for temperatures don't seem to do anything, if you want to change them go to "Printer Settings" -> "Custom G-Code" and change the numbers on the lines that say "M190 S110" and "M109 S230".
  • Mendel90 has a habit of creating too tall objects. For example one print came out about 125% height while other measures were pretty close to intended. You might be able to compensate by scaling height of your object to 80%. If you find a good solution for this, please write it here or update the settings.

Printing With CURA

Here are older instructions for printing with CURA slicer. Lately (as of 2016.12.20) we have had trouble getting good results with CURA and Mendel90. Proceed with caution.

It's important you print with the hoitend at 240 degrees and bed at 110 degrees as you're printing ABS. Other settings can be tweaked as you see fit.

Poimittu slackistä (2017):

  • 04.11 21:53 < jssmk> @mangelis laitatko jakoon curan tällä hetkellä parhaiten toimivat curan asetukset mendelille?
  • 04.11 21:55 < mangelis> @jssmk
  • 04.11 21:55 < mangelis> -Tulostimeksi "Prusa i3"
  • 04.11 21:55 < mangelis> -"origin at center" täppä päälle
  • 04.11 21:55 < mangelis> -filamentin diameter 3.0mm
  • 04.11 21:55 < mangelis> -hotendin lämpötila 210'c, bedin 70'c
  • 04.11 23:18 < mangelis> Plaata siinä mendelissä on nyt