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Lähetä ostosideat

Lähetä ideasi Slackiin kanavalla #hankinnat

  • Start a new message with information what you're going to buy and approximate price.
  • Purchases below 50€ can be bought without pre-approval.
  • Purchases above 50€ need approval from a board member. After approval with the reference number you can buy it.
  • Everyone can comment freely about purchase ideas
  • If the board isn't answering, you can ping them. @matti.nummi first (the purchasing manager)
  • Other board members: @jssmk @extechop @markusjm @rambo @knorad @basscadet @Ara
  • Please, discussions only in threads if possible, one message per purchase! You can set notification to Your threads for easy follow up.
  • Channel bridging (mainly matrix?) does not unfortunately support threads. Please use slack.

A board member will tag your idea with a ref number that helps us to track them. A ref number is not an approval yet and dismissed ideas are also assigned.

Get reimbursed of your purchase

If you have not received a personal Holvi reimbursement link yet, please ask for one first! Keep the link to yourself, you can reuse it many times.

  • After you have received support for your idea, or it is less than 50 euros, you can buy the items.
  • Keep the receipts or other documents about any fees you have paid. If you buy used items from private owners, you can take a photo of the item etc.
  • Send a reimbursement request in Holvi with the reference number (added in the thread) from a board member. Add pictures of the receipts in the Holvi request.
  • Purchases below 50€ are reimbursed without pre-approval but need the reference number.
  • Hacklab board only guarantees to reimburse higher than 50€ purchases that have pre-approval.
  • Purchases above 50€ made without pre-approval may or may not be reimbursed, you take the risk.
  • Include the reference number you have received in your reimbursement claim