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Storage boxes

In general, members stuff should be stored in transparent stackable covered boxes with the member's name visible on the side of the box. The recommended standard is the Hammarplast Smartstore 15 ( which can also be purchased from Hacklab. The basic idea is that anyone is able to move the box without disturbing or damaging the contents.

For the time being, this does not apply to members dedicated cabinet space. The cabinet space will be will be reorganized in 2014.

If justified, larger boxes may be be used if it is not possible to store in a standard box. (Due to shape, size, length, etc.)

Labels or nametags should be placed so that they are visible without moving the box.

Tables and Work areas

Do not leave things on tables and other work surfaces. Projects and parts which are left unattended and unlabeled will be moved to the lost and found box. (more on this later). If you need to leave briefly (for example to get food), label your parts and projects with your name and when you will return. Attach the label or note securely so it does not fly away at the slightest draft.


Always clean the work areas after you use them. In the workshop (clarify) this means using compressed air to blow dust out the nooks and crannies of the machines used and vacuuming the whole shop.

If you are suddenly in a hurry, or have to leave because of an emergency, ask someone else present if they are able to clean up for you hopefully they will return the favor. If this is not possible, leave a note with your name and the time when you will come to clean up.

Määritelmiä / Classifications

 - ROMU = sorttaamatonta kamaa josta tulee jotain seuraavista:


 - BONK = tavaraa jota ei saa kaupasta, laitteita tai komponentteja

Stuff which cannot be found in a store. Parts, Devices, Equipment

 - SER = tuomittua eletroniikkaromua josta voi pelastaa vielä komponentteja

Electronic junk from whick components can be salvaged.

 - METALLI = metalliromua kierrätykseen

Scrap metal for recycling

 - JÄTE = menee sekajätelaatikkoon, ei pelastettavaa (käytetään myös termiä ROSKA)

Waste / Garbage. Completly useless, put it in the garbage.

SER and Scrap Metal is placed in the green container marked SER. A recycling company with empty this container every now and then. Digging through is container is not forbidden but if you must "save" something from it, take personal responsibility for using or recycling it.

Lost and found "buffer"

Immediately of the right side of the the storage room there are two plastic boxes where you can dump things which are not in there proper place. (Tools of course should be returned to their proper place).

When one box is full move it one level down, the lowest box can be dumped into the Junk recycling (romukierto)

Junk recycling (Romukeirto):

Under the Lost and found are three Junk recycling boxes. This works in a three week cycle. Every Tuesday or whenever the uppermost Romukierto box is full, the lowest box is emptied into to the green container marked SER and the upper two boxes are moved one level down.

The "Rakennusbonkki" section (construction material section) should only be used to store materials which are expensive or difficult to find.

Storage area in general.

All salvaged parts intended for use by members are to be sorted into the correct boxes. If an appropriate box cannot be found, use a new box and lid and label / categorize it.

If you are not sure how, ask another member.

Common cables (eg, short and medium length USB cables) are not worth saving.


The hallway is in not used for storage. (Light objects, boxes can be stored on the high shelves, but not something that would cause an injury if it fell.) There reason for this is Fire safety, the escape route must be clear.